Attention: We no longer ship beef nationwide. However, we are open for bulk freezer beef orders.

Our Philosophy

We are all natural: no dyes, preservatives, artificial hormones, or steroids, EVER. Our animals receive antibiotics only if they are sick, not on a regular basis. You can have peace of mind when you know the source of your food!

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Family Oriented

We are a family operation! Whether it is getting up early to help move cows to another pasture or baling hay in the heat of summer, we work together to accomplish our vision.

About Us

Founded in 1946, Miller Brothers Farm is a fourth-generation family farm in central Illinois, producing Angus cattle, corn, soybeans, and wheat.

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Five Reasons to choose Miller Brothers Farm

What people have to say about us:

We have ordered beef from Miller Brothers Farm and we have never been disappointed! By far the best melt in your mouth, juicy, tender steaks we have ever tasted! It's hard to "go out to eat" when we know there's always a better piece of beef at home from Miller Brothers Farm!

Debbie, Wisconsin

Whenever I see that familiar packaging on the kitchen counter containing thawing Miller Brothers steaks, ohh I know it's going to be a good dinner tonight! There's nothing like a Miller Brothers steak on the grill. You've made lifetime customers of us! (When demand is high for your meat, just remember we were one of your first customers, OK?)

Dave, Wisconsin

There are times when we question the source and quality of the foods we consume. With that said, we can ALWAYS count on Miller Brothers Farm to deliver the BEST in both quality and taste, whether it's in patties, roasts or delicious ribeye and T-Bone steaks! Thanks for products that we can count on!

Audrey, Illinois